“Metacognition” – a current buzz word in education circles, yes, but unlike some it’s a buzz word with solid empirical backing. It really is worth thinking about. Metacognition’s definition is short and sweet: Meta- refers to “above” and Cognition- refers to “thinking, reasoning, and problem solving.” So the short definition really is something akin to […]

vintage alphabet

A consideration of empirically based ideals for creating vibrant, healthy schools As we settle in to the new year, I can’t help but reflect on what’s just passed. Don’t we all do that? Consider the good and the bad, the fruitful and not so fruitful aspects of the year? The tail-end of 2014 twirled by […]

Coëtivy_Master_(Henri_de_Vulcop )_(French,_active_about_1450_-_1485)_-_Philosophy_Presenting_the_Seven_Liberal_Arts_to_Boethius_-_Google_Art_Project

What’s old, made new again, could …be just the ticket out of this mess… Given an opportunity to observe a young child over an extended period of time, you are sure to see an interesting (and from a parent or teacher’s perspective often frustrating) pattern of growth. It goes something like this: A great leap […]

It all started at Portland, OR’s first mini Maker-Faire. At the time, I was looking for ways to grow, professionally, though not necessarily while at the faire. My husband and I were tag-teaming with our five-year-old, trying to cover as much ground as possible before running out of steam. It was my turn to oversee […]

Alice and the Queens 2

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That we need a culture shift, and we need one fast?! Indeed, at times like this – shooting after shooting after shooting – we find ourselves crying out “not one more!” and grasping for understanding, for a sense of control, and for a way to effectively channel our fear […]


Comparative Psychology – gaining understanding of human behavior by making comparisons to non-human agents — can be hard for students to appreciate, especially when the comparison is between humans and computers, a core element to the Cognitive Science enterprise. My senior Cognitive Science seminar students are not an exception here: all semester long they’ve been […]