Learning styles are on my mind again as a second installment of my 2-week intensive “Psychology of Studying” class winds down. Like last year, I’m delighted with the class’s success: students are learning about learning while learning (ah, what fun!). Objectively, their scores on the measures of metacognition and self-determined motivation significantly increased (even when […]

“Learning  in Style” Yesterday’s “daily prompt” on Learning Styles brings to the fore a major conundrum facing educators today. From a cognitive science perspective (i.e., researchers working in university labs to attain deeper understanding of cognition, learning, development, and the like), there’s no such thing. Data showing that teaching to students’ unique styles improves learning […]

“A challenge, I like it!” says Mr. Sparks, on the animated television show “Noddy,” my daughter’s first favorite cartoon. She doesn’t remember it now — now that she’s a big first grader — but when she was three she could recite lines from Noddy like nobody’s business. In every episode, the character I mention here, […]

I’m well into the Fall semester now, and my head is full of my goals for the semester. I’ve got goals for myself and goals for my students. These goals remain relatively stable from term to term and class section to class section, with small scale changes here and there reflecting the tinkering I like […]

The spring 2013 semester ended on quite the high note for me, when the University President honored me with the President’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. When you work at a place like I do where all your colleagues not only love to teach but are also quite good at it, this kind of […]

Summer is winding down in my neck of the woods, where I am back at work getting ready for a new school year. As I sit at my desk today prepping syllabi and selecting readings, I am thinking about an essay I posted here about a year and half ago about memory processes (Memory: It’s […]

From Part 1: Other Forms of Play: Rough-and-Tumble The snapshot below in Part 1 centers on make-believe and role-playing. But what about plain old rough-and-tumble play? Is there any value to rough-housing?  Turns out that there is, but rough-housing can also be risky business. A Time and a Place for Play, Part 2: Rough and […]