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Learning Styles Done Right? “What?!” Is there a “right way” do use the learning styles concept in teaching, after all?” Is this what you are thinking, as you read the title to this post? I hope so, because if this is your reaction, then that means that you are already familiar with the critiques on […]

“Learning  in Style” Yesterday’s “daily prompt” on Learning Styles brings to the fore a major conundrum facing educators today. From a cognitive science perspective (i.e., researchers working in university labs to attain deeper understanding of cognition, learning, development, and the like), there’s no such thing. Data showing that teaching to students’ unique styles improves learning […]

Labels on the Brain, Part 2, By Erica Kleinknecht, PhD (2012) The Learning Styles Conundrum My position: curricular plans based on “Learning Styles” are nothing more than socially sanctioned systems of student-labeling, promoted in the name of progress. Though couched in positive, reformation terms, educational practices and policies reflective of learning styles are both costly […]