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Might there be a diminishing return, when it comes to incorporating high impact techniques into the learning environments we create?  “She is a breath of fresh air…a ray of sunshine making an early morning class not only bearable, but fun…she has a ready smile for everyone…” A Paradox: Is there a dark side to high […]

… Like a little bit of beauty, rising from the muck? I think so.  I’ve been following the press about fidget devices (spinners and cubes), with quite a bit of interest, both personal and professional. The purpose of my blog is, after all, to comment on educational trends. As it turns out too though, I […]

Learning Styles Done Right? “What?!” Is there a “right way” do use the learning styles concept in teaching, after all?” Is this what you are thinking, as you read the title to this post? I hope so, because if this is your reaction, then that means that you are already familiar with the critiques on […]

  “Mindset” isn’t a curriculum. But if it isn’t a package that can be bought, studied, and implemented, then what is it? There are a couple of ways to answer that question. It is a theory about achievement motivation. But when you see the word “theory” that can be a cue to tune out, right? […]