1. I love reading your articles. I think what you are saying relates to Dweck’s idea of a growth mindset being really important and believing that intelligence is not fixed. I have to say though that I believe intelligence is genetic to an extent although one’s environment and efforts can have a major impact on achievement. Furthermore, emotional intelligence is the most important thing for success in life.

    • Thank you Faye! I agree that this issue is just what Carol Dweck discusses with her work on mindsets (i inserted a link to one of my posts where I discuss her work, but didn’t call it out directly). In fact, I was surprised that the NPR correspondent didn’t make that connection explicit as well. As for your perspective on intelligence, I also absolutely agree that the ability to read others’ emotions and respond appropriately, as well as regulate your own, is paramount to success no matter the situation. Whether that skill is called “intelligent” and whether its inborn, is surely one of the greatest debates in modern psychology. I think something is coded in our genes, but I hesitate to say that any one intelligence theorist has gotten the labels right, quite yet.

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